High School in Spain

A new opportunity awaits!

Explore. Learn. Grow.

                        Come and live a High School year

The opportunity you were waiting to improve your Spanish Language skills and to live an unforgettable experience.

You’ll prove your adaptation ability and it will give you a vision of a world you would have never imagined.

Apply for our High School program in Spain

Becoming an exchange student in Spain it will open doors for you and it also has many benefits.

 You’ll live with a lovely Spanish host family. It’s the best way to immerse yourself in the language, and to learn more about our traditions. 



Your benefits

Language Skills

Your life will be in spanish. At school, with your spanish family and of course with your new friends. Breathe the Spanish Language everywhere.

Open Your mind

You'll live a new culture with new points of view. Expand your horizons and goals by meeting new people. The world is too big to stay at home.


You'll face with new personal challenges and that will make you more responsible. It will prepare you to overcome situations that life will bring to you.

Spanish Host Family

 Our Goal is to make you live an unforgettable cultural experience in Spain!

All families are chosen carefully by SpanishJuice from our own clients who live in the best neighborhoods in the city. Our host families provide a single room accommodation with shared bathroom and full board meals.

The well-being of our students is very important to us and we make sure that our international students enjoy every aspect of their stay in our city. To make them feel home and independent, they will have their own copy of keys.

Extracurricular Activities/Sports

You can choose which extracurricular activity or sport you want to practice, from soccer,
basketball, BTT, swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, music class and lots more.

"Mi año Académico en España fue el mejor año de mi vida. Tuve una experiencia increíble con un familia anfitriona excepcional. Estuve totalmente inmersa en la cultura española y fue una experiencia única en la vida."
"My High School year in Spain was by far the best year of my life. I had an amazing experience with an extraordinary host family and was fully immersed in Spanish culture. It was amazing it was a once in a lifetime experience, I would highly recommend it."
Sacha Baker
Canadian Student

The best way to learn Spanish.

Find your destination.

High School
in Barcelona

High School
in Madrid

Proud of being different.

Don’t worry, we will be there for you.

A Family Business

We love to help and we always involve ourselves personally in the adaptation and progress of our students.


More than 25 years sending students abroad.

Spanish Homestay

Living with a Spanish family is the best way to improve your Spanish skills and to learn more about our culture and traditions.

Monitoring & Feedback

We're permanently in contact with the parents and students during the program.


Find the answers of all your questions.

Yes. All our international students has Spanish Language as a subject in the school.

Yes. They can come back home for Christmas Holidays.

They could walk, take the bus or the train to go to school.

If your son/daughter doesn’t fit with his/her spanish homestay after an adaptation period, there’s the option of looking for a new placement . We always work hard to find the host family that fits better to your son/daughter.

Improve your Spanish.

Learning Spanish surrounded by spaniards sounds good, right?

Are you ready to change your life?


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08008 Barcelona – SPAIN
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