High School Abroad in Barcelona

Friendly & Welcoming

Barcelona is a sunny Mediterranean city with architectural treasures and a well-known gastronomy, it has it is own quality traditional cuisine. It is the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain after Madrid.


e.You can choose which sport or extracurricular activity you want to practice. Soccer, basketball, musics, etc.


Speak Spanish everywhere with your classmates, new friends and, of course, with your Spanish Host Family.

Full Immersion

Immerse yourself in a High School in Barcelona, a Spanish Family and live the traditions of our beautiful country.



Barcelona has sixty municipal parks, twelve of them are historical, five are thematic (botanical), forty-five are urban, and six are forestal. Monjuïc is the largest one followed by Parc de la Ciutadella, Guinardó Park, Park Güell (designed by Antoni Gaudí). But there are many more to discover!

The Program

Make new friends from Barcelona and from all over the world, learn a lot, have fun & fall in love with our traditions and culture.

The High School program in Barcelona is designed to offer the chance to study an academic year from grade 9th to the 12th grade in a Spanish School. An opportunity to know a new country while you improve your Spanish Language skills.

You’ll live a new culture with different points of view. You’ll face new personal challenges that will make you more responsible. 


You'll never be alone.

We'll always be by your side, during the duration of all your stay

We love to help and we always get involved in the adaptation process and progress of our students. That’s why we’re constantly in touch with the parents and students while they are studing with us.

Start your journey!

 Our Goal is to make you live an unforgettable cultural experience in Spain!

In Spanish Juice we have more than 25 years of experience sending students abroad. We work hard to build special and an exclusive programs focused on helping you grow as a person and improve your language skills. But the most important thing, we want you to have fun  while you are learning. 

Becoming an exchange student in Spain it will open doors for you, you’ll prove your adaptation ability and it will give you a vision of a world you would have never imagined. 

The opportunity you were waiting for.

Find your favorite sport.

One of the reasons that makes Barcelona the perfect place to live is that we have at more or less 1 hour the Pyrenees mountains. There you can practice winter sports like alpine ski, mountaineering ski, snowboard, alpinism and more. If we go a little bit further away, you can be in Andorra, a beautiful country for winter lovers. On the other hand, Barcelona is based in the coast and our autonomic province, Catalonia, has beautiful beaches, starting from the Golden Coast until Costa Brava. The beaches have awesome turquoise and crystalline waters. There you can do kayak, paddle surf and any water sport in you can imagine.


As you see, in Catalonia we have a lot of excellent places to visit and to do all kind of sports. Just 30 kilometers away from the city, you can find the mountain of Montserrat, a big rock formation with a sanctuary on the top. It is very well-known place for people who enjoy climbing.

People in Catalonia practice sports very often because our climate conditions allow many options for outdoor activities.

"Mi año Académico en España fue el mejor año de mi vida. Tuve una experiencia increíble con un familia anfitriona excepcional. Estuve totalmente inmersa en la cultura española y fue una experiencia única en la vida."
"My High School year in Spain was by far the best year of my life. I had an amazing experience with an extraordinary host family and was fully immersed in Spanish culture. It was amazing it was a once in a lifetime experience, I would highly recommend it."
Sacha Baker
Canadian Student

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